Farah Ruma set to make her comeback

TV actress Farah Ruma, who has been absent from the small screen for quite some time, has decided to make a comeback.

Ruma took a break from the showbiz after her marriage back in 2012. The model-turned-actress got hitched to an expatriate American businessman on December 1st o 2012.

She welcomed a baby boy on August 30th this year and named him ‘Farah Ruma Janash’.

Farah informed that she and her family is ecstatic about the new family member.

“I express my utmost gratitude to the Almighty for gracing me with a precious son.”

“I’m also grateful to those in the show business who have always stayed by my side and supported me throughout, like my colleagues, directors and journalists,” she added.

Farah has sought prayers from her fans for her newborn’s welfare.

“Please pray for my son so that I can make him an idle human being.”

Meanwhile, Ruma, who has just returned to Bangladesh, was last seen in film ‘Putro Ekhon Poyshawala’, directed by Narghis Akhter.

Ruma assured she will make her comeback soon.

When asked about to share her feelings about this comeback, Ruma said, “It is very tough for an actress to leave acting, it just doesn’t come to us naturally.”

She said it was painful for her to stay away from the media.

“I’ll come back to the showbiz really soon, however, having said that, I cannot confirm the date.”

“I’ll make my comeback just when I feel ready,” said Ruma, “As soon as I wrap up some household works, I’ll start considering the offers.”

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