Police mull charging Farhad Mazhar over ‘false story’

Police plan to frame charges against columnist Farhad Mazhar over some ‘irregularities’ between his statement and law enforcers’ findings over the July 3 disappearance.

Detective Branch (DB) of police officials quizzed Farhad Mazhar for a second time on Tuesday in their offices. Then, DB Joint Commissioner Abdul Baten told reporters that Mazhar’s statement recorded by a magistrate does not match their investigative findings.

“If he was really abducted, then the only witnesses are Farhad Mazhar himself and the abductors. With the information so far, this does not seem like an abduction,” official Abdul Baten said.

Joint Commissioner Baten said police can prosecute Farhad Mazhar if it is proved that he provided false information.

Mazhar was taken to the Detective Branch or DB offices from his home around 10:30am and quizzed for almost two and a half hours.

The 70-year-old poet, Farhad was found on a bus headed to Dhaka from Khulna by the police and the Rapid Action Battalion almost 18 hours after he went missing in Dhaka on July 3.

Mazhar in his testimony in court said he was abducted from outside his home in Shyamoli and taken to Khulna.

The mysterious disappearance and dramatic ‘rescue’ of the prominent government critic sparked debate among politicians and social media users.

The situation got even more complex when police produced one Archana Rani in court on July 10 in connection with Mazhar’s disappearance. She claimed to have sexual relationships with Farhad Mazhar.

Rani then told court that Mazhar left home on the day of his disappearance to get money for her, which he also managed to send to her.

On July 13, police said that during his disappearance Mazhar had asked his wife Farida Akhter by phone to stop talking to people about his ‘abduction’.

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