BNP: PM ordered the attack on Fakhrul’s motorcade

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered the attack on the motorcade of BNP’s party Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam on his way to visit the landslide victims in Rangamati, BNP claimed on Tuesday.

The allegations were brought up by BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi while speaking to the media during a demonstration.

“It is believed by us that the attack on the party’s senior leaders including the secretary general was carried out on the instructions from government big shots like Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The attack was orchestrated by Hasan Mahmud and his armed goons,” Rizvi said.

He added, “Government feels we will be afraid after this attack. Previously they coordinated a similar attack on the motorcade of Khaleda Zia in Kawran Bazar and in Narayanganj.”

The BNP secretary general’s motorcade was attacked on Sunday on its way to Rangamati to visit the recent landslide affected people.

The seven-member delegation started from Chittagong for Rangamati’s Kaptai. They were scheduled to board a vessel from there for the hill tract district town.

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